Thursday, May 13, 2010

For the 11-Year Old Haitian Girl Pulled from the Rubble

I was playing with my dolls
I was washing up the dishes
I was doing my math homework
I was talking to my friend

I was crushed

I was crying out for help
I was screaming from the fright
I was shouting for my mommy
I was hoping for a savior

I was found

You were giving me some water
You were washing off my face
You were stroking my hair back
You were telling me I'd live

I was freed

They were rushing me to help
They were setting my broken bones
They were giving me fresh blood
They were saving my young life

I died

We all cry for what is lost
We all mourn for what could've been
We all think about the precious times
We all wish it had been different

I live

In our collective action
In our collective strength
In our collective care
In our collective love

I live

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